Dinner & Drinks & A Bag of Rice

22 May

This past weekend, two of my girlfriends and I made the five hour trip to Orlando to meet up (and say good-bye to) Angela, Evelyn, Aneesha, Jazzy and Ty, whom I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a last minute decision to go, since I’m kind of strapped for cash, but I’m glad I did.  You can’t put a price on great memories with wonderful friends!

We spent most of the weekend lounging around  and catching up, with the exception of Saturday night when we mustered enough energy to get dolled up for dinner and drinks downtown.

just like the old days.

In unrelated news, my Blackberry is currently sitting in a bag of rice.  On my way to Wal-Mart earlier today, I was caught in the middle of a torrential downpour.  Even though the phone was in my pocket as I ran into the store, somehow it managed to get soaked and now the keyboard isn’t working. I knew there would come a point when I’d have to detach from my Babyberry, but this is not what I envisioned!

I’m hoping the let-it-dry-in-rice trick works…or the next two weeks are going to be a little complicated.

please work?



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