Did I miss the memo?

16 May

I must have missed the memo/blog post/handout/book that talks about how nerve-wracking the weeks before staging are.  Everything I’ve read focuses on your experience once you arrive in your new country. No one seems to talk about the anxiety or nervousness associated with detaching from your life.

“You must be so0000 excited!” – Everyone

I am!

But also…kinda freaked out.  Since I stopped working a few days ago, the reality of my departure reallyyy started sinking in. I’m seriously leaving for 27 months. What will the life I left behind be like without me?  What does my new life have in store?   Then I realized–I need to relax and enjoy the present moment here and now.

So I’ve been spending lots of time doing the things that make me happy:

spoiling princess gia.

trips to the park with gracie.

Other fun things I’ve been doing in between packing:

  • hitting the gym every day
  • meeting friends for lunch
  • looking for the best deals on sleeping bags and mp3 players



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