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The Greatest Vacation: Puerto Maldonado

22 Dec
MOG 14

we conquered the andes, now we’re ready for the amazon


plaza de armas en puerto maldonado

MOG 01

it took an hour bus ride then an hour and half boat ride to get to our lodge

MOG 02



a short hike from the river through dense jungle to get to our rooms

MOG 26

here they are!

MOG 03

had the whole place to ourselves


the jungle is so beautiful…

MOG 20

but also terrifying. this is literally my worst nightmare realized.

MOG 21

canopy beds

MOG 11

there’s toilet paper in the stalls!

MOG 10

best friends boat ride

MOG 08

piranha fishing in the lake.

MOG 05

i caught one!

MOG 04

im happy


rio tambopata

MOG 09

relaxing on the river…ahhhh


deep in it


daytime jungle walks

MOG 12

everything is so green and lush

MOG 13

not a bridge, but we’ll cross it


nighttime river rides

MOG 24

probably our favorite thing about the lodge

MOG 25

no electricity anywhere in the lodge except for the bar. and even then, for two or three hours at night.

MOG 23

joel and his ladies


back from our jungle expedition

MOG 18

this calls for a celebration!


delicious thai food in puerto maldonado

MOG 22

monkey friendsssss

MOG 27

hasta luegooo, puerto!



The Greatest Vacation: Machu Picchu

22 Dec
MP 18

pre-Machu Picchu night at our murder den of a hostel. so excited!

MP 34

they make 5am look gooooood

MP 09

sun’s not quite out at 6am. wait for it…

MP 33

c’mon sun!

MP 08

starting off the Montaña Machu Picchu hike

MP 05

don’t be fooled by the smile, its a tough hike!

MP 07

straight up stairs for 1.5 hours

MP 32

chao!: lee and i break off from the group and continue to the top of the mountain

MP 14

up in the clouds

MP 02

this view was worth it!

MP 01

we make dead tired look gooood

MP 03

its obvious why the ruins were never found by the Spanish during the conquest of Cuzco. they’re almost inaccessible, even with modern transportation.

MP 31

meanwhile these cuties…

MP 29

…were hanging out with this cutie

MP 04

taking it all in.

MP 06

mid-hike selfie!

MP 6

en serio. you have to see this for yourself.

MP 1

just lounging here for a little bit.

MP 2

Machu Picchu remained unknown to the world from the 1500s until it was discovered by Yale historian Hiram Bingham in 1911.

MP 3

traditional inca terraces

MP 12

UNESCO World Heritage Site

MP 5

una mas!

MP 11

hanging out before it’s time to go.

MP 10

Pueblo Machu Picchu

MP 30

we did itttttt

MP 9



The Greatest Vacation: Cuzco

22 Dec
Cuzco 14

and we’re off!

Cuzco 26

the eagle has landed.

Cuzco 3

welcome to cusco!

Cuzco 6

plaza de armas

Cuzco 2

learned to play ‘chasing the 2’ and our lives will never be the same.

Cuzco 7

guess who’s up to their old antics?!

Cuzco 19

views of the plaza from our breakfast table.

Cuzco 4

silly hats. serious beer funnels.

Cuzco 15

the sacred valley

Cuzco 24

beautiful green landscapes at every turn.

Cuzco 16

14 years of best-friendship across 3 continents ❤

Cuzco 12

cholitas guapas.

Cuzco 18


Cuzco 17

heyyy cristi

Cuzco 11

ollantaytambo, “the living inca city”

Cuzco 20

a living inca princess. i got quechua on my body!

Cuzco 8

modern construction built upon ancient inca stonework.

Cuzco 21

literally every view from any angle in the valley is breathtaking.

Cuzco 25

leggings crew.

Cuzco 13

a few centimeters back and the ground drops off, ensuring certain death. maybe the danger adds to the beauty, no?

Cuzco 10

harv’s girls!

Cuzco 22

dinner at a fancy pisco bar where we did NOT consume any pisco. everyone: “let’s go get beers at the irish pub”


The Greatest Vacation (Video)

22 Dec

This is not hyperbole. This was literally The Greatest Vacation. Carla, Cristi, Diana, Dolly, Jenny, Leland and I went on a 10-day trip that took us from Andean peaks to Amazonian jungle and everywhere in between.

Peru is beyond-words beautiful. And to share it with some of my favorite people in the world was nothing short of incredible.


Viajar es Regresar

9 Dec

Viajar es marcharse de casa
es dejar los amigos
es intentar volar.
Volar conociendo otras ramas
recorriendo caminos
es intentar cambiar.

Viajar es vestirse de loco
es decir “no me importa”
es querer regresar.
Regresar valorando lo poco
saboreando una copa
es desear empezar.

Viajar es sentirse poeta
escribir una carta
es querer abrazar.
Abrazar al llegar a una puerta
añorando la calma
es dejarse besar.

Viajar es volverse mundano
es conocer otra gente
es volver a empezar.
Empezar extendiendo la mano
aprendiendo del fuerte
es sentir soledad.

Viajar es marcharse de casa
es vestirse de loco
diciendo todo y nada con una
Es dormir en otra cama
sentir que el tiempo es corto
viajar es regresar!

Gabriel García Marquéz

viajar 2 viajar 4 viajar 5 viajar 3