The Greatest Vacation: Cuzco

22 Dec
Cuzco 14

and we’re off!

Cuzco 26

the eagle has landed.

Cuzco 3

welcome to cusco!

Cuzco 6

plaza de armas

Cuzco 2

learned to play ‘chasing the 2’ and our lives will never be the same.

Cuzco 7

guess who’s up to their old antics?!

Cuzco 19

views of the plaza from our breakfast table.

Cuzco 4

silly hats. serious beer funnels.

Cuzco 15

the sacred valley

Cuzco 24

beautiful green landscapes at every turn.

Cuzco 16

14 years of best-friendship across 3 continents ❤

Cuzco 12

cholitas guapas.

Cuzco 18


Cuzco 17

heyyy cristi

Cuzco 11

ollantaytambo, “the living inca city”

Cuzco 20

a living inca princess. i got quechua on my body!

Cuzco 8

modern construction built upon ancient inca stonework.

Cuzco 21

literally every view from any angle in the valley is breathtaking.

Cuzco 25

leggings crew.

Cuzco 13

a few centimeters back and the ground drops off, ensuring certain death. maybe the danger adds to the beauty, no?

Cuzco 10

harv’s girls!

Cuzco 22

dinner at a fancy pisco bar where we did NOT consume any pisco. everyone: “let’s go get beers at the irish pub”



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