Last Stop of the “Good-Bye” Tour: Austin

6 Jun

On Wednesday, my dad and I left Atlanta and headed to Austin to visit my older sister, Nancy.  She’s been in Texas for over a decade, as a reporter for the local Fox affiliate (how cute is she?) With my mom in Miami, my dad in Atlanta and my sister in Austin, we’re pretty spread out but we make it work.  All of us do more than our fair share of traveling, hopping all over the country to see each other.

My dad and I both go to Austin several times a year, so this trip was more of a lazy vacation.  A lot of errands and eating.  More eating than anything, really. TexMex is my favorite thing on the planet, so no complaints here!

More from my trip:

we had ourselves a little craft night

Ever since I joined Pinterest, I’ve been trying new crafty things.  Working on projects helped to calm my nerves in the weeks leading up to my departure.  Best of all, I found these amazing gift ideas to make for my mom (similar to this) and dad (this is actually it) before I left.

Another highlight of the week– watching sports together 🙂 . We watched all the NBA playoff games and a World Cup qualifying match between Colombia and Peru. I always want Colombia to win, but hooow fun would it be to be in Peru with the team in the World Cup too?

colombia vs. peru (colombia won!)



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