Thanks, Win Williams

8 May

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Wherever you are.

I came across Win William’s Peru blog randomly, while perusing the Peace Corps Journals site.  And what a blog it is! I’ve been literally laughing out loud going through his entries.

Here is one golden excerpt from his post titled Worm Bins:

On Saturday we built worm composting bins to help with disposal of organic materials. I haven’t really seen it too bad here but in some areas people just throw all their shit in a kind of make shift dump or burn the stuff out back. Worm composting is not some hippie bullshit but a practical way to dispose of organic materials and convert them into a usable product like liquid fertilizer and nutrient rich soils. According to some statistics, over 50 percent of landfill space is organic materials.

 The way the worm bin works is you throw in a little soil or manure and then just add organic waste, like egg shells, peels, leaves, things like that. Throw in a couple of worms and they eat through all that shit crapping out nice fertile soil which you shake out and use in your garden. Another benefit is worm piss (the other black gold) which is rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Not only that but you’re saving valuable landfill space and keeping the backyard free of debris that attracts pests. OK maybe it is a little hippie bullshit sounding.
Post after post, Win describes his sometimes unfortunate, sometimes enlightening, but always hilarious experiences as a middle-aged gringo serving as a water sanitation volunteer in Peru. This is just the kind of funny and encouraging testimony I needed to encounter, after a few days of anxious restlessness. Yes, it is a lot to leave my whole life behind and move to another country I’ve never been to BUT I signed up for this adventure.  I can only hope that by focusing on the positives and making light of uncomfortable situations I, too, can have as much fun as Win did during his two years as a volunteer.

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